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Pura Vida Dreamin’
June 11, 2014 If you were the young, newly married Ben Harrison, hanging out in San Francisco in 1973 with your beautiful art graduate wife,...

Alberg’s Timeless Designs
May 14, 2014 We’d tucked into Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, when the pretty green sloop sailed through the narrow slot into the basin. A ballsy...

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Barnacles Consume Test Panels at 18 Months

by Darrell Nicholson on February 24, 2015

Our semi-annual inspection of bottom paint panels always yields surprises, but during the nearly ten years I've been barnacle-counter-in-chief, I haven't been more surprised than I was last month. My inspection in January marked the eighteenth months of continuous immersion for approximately 60 paints that were undergoing testing. During a normal year, I would expect roughly 12-15 of those panels to still be fighting barnacles, but that's not what I found.

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