Features May 2008 Issue

Can Your Boat Make You Green?

Environmentally friendly products are sprouting up everywhere in the marine industry. Practical Sailor looks at painting and cleaning products that can turn you green

Practical Sailor tests products touted as environmentally friendly and compares the shades of green of some of the best performing products on the market. Previously, we have looked closely at power generating and power saving equipment such as solar and wind generators, and we will continue to test these in future articles. This article focuses on pollution, waste, and proactive measures that reduce the impact of the foul things that are sluiced, rinsed, or sanded off our boats, or pumped out of them. Products reviewed in this article include copper-free bottom paints: E-Paintís zinc-based EP-2000, E-Paint EP-21, E-Paint ZO; Sea Hawk ablative Mission Bay CF and Mission Bay CSF; Pettit Alumacoat SR, and Vivid Free; and Interlux Pacifica. Water-based copper paints Pettit Hydrocoat, Flexdel Aquagard, and Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua were also examined. Next up we look at biodegradable paint strippers including Back-to-Nature Ready Strip and Aqua Strip; Pettit Bio-Blast; Franmar Soy Strip; Bio-Blast; Dumond Chemicals Peel Away Smart Strip; EcoSolve; and CitriStrip. We compared the effectiveness and shades of green of Descalers including: Barnacle Buster from Trac Ecological; Rydlyme Marine from Apex Engineering; Star brite Zebra Mussel and Barnacle Remover; and MaryKate On & Off. Finally we looked at waterline stain removers and hull cleaners including: Spray Nine Boat Bottom Cleaner; Captain Johnís Boat Brite Algae and Waterline Stain Remover; Rydlyme; Prime Filters Mineral-O-Magic; and Nautical Ease Nonskid Deck Cleaner and Black Streak Remover.

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