Mailport July 2010 Issue

Mailport: July 2010

Bounce for Mildew

In regards to your article in the June 2010 issue on mildew preventers: In my experience, the fabric-softener dryer sheets branded as Bounce ( work as well or better than anything else and are far less expensive.


I recommend putting a sheet or two of Bounce in each locker, under each bunk cushion, and into any semi-enclosed space where ventilation is scanty. This not only prevents mildew, it leaves foul-weather gear smelling fresh and kinda perfumey. There are hundreds of sheets in each $5 box of Bounce, and a single box ought to provide enough protection for a full season or longer.


Capt. Bernie Weiss


Like some of the products we tested for the June issue, Bounce, unfortunately, won’t help clean mildew stains. But, like you, we’ve found that it does minimize mildew, at least in clothes cabinets and other dry storage lockers. We’ve not yet tested it with vinyl cushions, and aren’t sure how to put it to work on things like life jackets, but it would be interesting to see how Bounce stands up over time to mildew preventers like Concrobium, which is a registered fungicide. Spray mildew preventers have more applications than dryer sheets, but for those lockers where using a spray isn’t practical (like clothes storage), Bounce is definitely worth the $5 effort.


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