Mailport July 2010 Issue

Mailport: July 2010

Rust Remover

If you haven’t tested this, you should check it out: Right Stuff (Formula 3000) De-Ruster Metal Conditioner ( I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and I’m amazed by how good it works.


For example, I spray it on a corroded stainless-steel shackle, come back a day or two later, and the corrosion is gone, plus a protective coating that lasts months is left behind. It doesn’t work instantly and can’t be used on aluminum, but there’s no rubbing, scrubbing, or polishing. It just eats the rust and re-metals the surface. The problem is that you can’t find it in any stores! However, the company takes phone orders.


Tim Benner

I Dream of Jeanne

This appears to be an acid product similar to several we tested in April 2007. If so, rinse thoroughly and keep it off your gelcoat. We’re working on an update, so we’ll track this "miracle treatment" down. In the meantime, readers might also want to look at the electrolytic protectants used in our wire study in this issue (July 2010).


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