Mailport July 2010 Issue

Mailport: July 2010

Compass Adjustment

One subject that seems to run through each issue of Practical Sailor is safety. And a point often made is that sailors should not rely too much solely on the electronics on board. I agree 100 percent with this thinking.


However, I recently had to replace my compass, and I have been unsuccessful in finding someone to adjust the new compass. I have inquired around the obvious local places without success. Is there any good central source that you could suggest where I might find someone who could provide this service?


Mark Anderson

Marblehead, Mass.


We came across one service center in your area: Cape Compass, Most marine surveyors also can adjust compasses. If you’re interested in a do-it-yourself fix, take a look at "Bowditch" chapter 6, which goes through the steps to making a compass card and adjusting. You can find "Bowditch" online at


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