Mailport July 2010 Issue

Mailport: July 2010

Weta Wet Ride!

You recently reviewed the Weta performance multihull ( in the May 2010 issue. I had a chance to sail one last fall and came very close to buying the boat. It is aptly named as the ride is VERY wet.


I was single-handing the boat, and I had doubts that I could handle the Weta. However, I managed to get out, tack, jibe, deploy the asymmetric, and get back without tipping over and without hurting the boat in 8 to 10 knots of breeze in a protected cove.


I was considering the Weta as a replacement for my Holder 14 and weighed the pros and cons. The advantages of the Weta: The Woohoooo experience is great. It’s safe: I think I would have to really screw up in high wind to capsize. Set up and take down is reasonably straightforward. There’s no boom to duck, and it comes with quality sails and rig.


The disadvantages of the Weta: Even in flat water, the outriggers and bow kick up heavy spray. Water gushed up through the centerboard slot both when board was up and down. Unless the water is quite warm, a protective suit will be required. There is no automatic kick up on the daggerboard. It would take a while to get the hang of moving the tiller extension around the main sheet on tacks and jibes.


Still, sailing the Weta was the most fun I’ve had on the water in some time!


Craig Deyerle

Via e-mail

As reader Craig Deyerle points out in his letter, the Weta offers a very wet—but exhilarating—ride. PS reviewed the multihull in the May 2010 issue.

A wet ride it is, but for many, spray and splash are fringe benefits of sailing small go-fast multihulls —as long as the water is swimming temperature or the crew has the proper gear on.



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