Mailport January 2011 Issue

Mailport: January 2011

Swivel Recall Clarification

Thank you for printing the recall notice for the Ultra Flip Swivel model #8 in the December 2010 issue. Unfortunately, the wrong picture was used.

Only a few of all the swivels in the production run in question were affected, but they are hard to individually identify. In order to be sure we replace the few in question, the factory decided to replace the whole production run. So we have issued the recall to include all UFS8 swivels with the relief imprint of an eagle cast into the body of the socket section of the swivel. There were 150 swivels worldwide and 74 sold through Quickline in the USA (, of which only five or six are in question. We have been able to contact all but a few of the purchasers of the 74 swivels, and we are trying to reach them all. Your notice will definitely assist with this process. Unfortunately, the picture you used is not the model subject to the recall, which will lead to confusion based on your statement "like the one pictured above."

Also, I feel it is unfortunate that you added your opinion regarding the use of inferior swivel/connecting products when Ultra Swivels have been designed and tested to provide a stronger and longer-lasting connection between the anchor rode and the anchor than any galvanized or stainless-steel swivels and/or shackles. The anchor has to be connected to the anchor rode somehow. You should test the swivels/connections on the market before you state that a "swivel is an unnecessary potential failure point" when whatever is used to make the connection is in reality a potential failure point.


Randy Boelsems


The swivel pictured with the recall notice in the December 2010 issue was an older Ultra Flip Swivel model #8 that we had planned to test. Below is a photo of the version of the Ultra Flip Swivel model #8 that was subject to the recall. The close-up photo shows the identifying eagle imprint on the swivel socket.

Photo courtesy of Quickline USA

Photo courtesy of Quickline USA

Quickline USA recently recalled all Ultra Flip Swivel model 8s that have the relief imprint of an eagle on the socket section of the swivel


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