Mailport January 2011 Issue

Mailport: January 2011

Wind Gens Buyers Guide


I’d like it if you wrote an article on wind generators with the following information: 1) Factors to consider before buying a wind generator; 2) Factors to consider when installing a wind generator (controls, wiring, placement, etc.); 3) What to consider when selecting a generator (performance, reliability, sound, etc.).


Sabin Peterson
Maikai, Southern Cross 31
Via e-mail


A comprehensive wind generator buyers guide is a good idea, one we will follow up on for sure. In the meantime, you may find some past wind-gen reviews and articles to be helpful. "Choosing a Wind Generator" (June 2007) looks at wind-gen features like blade size, number of blades, output considerations, and installation factors, and the July 2007 issue reports the performance test results for the five wind generators we tested from Ampair, KISS, Rutland, Southwest Wind Power, and Superwind.


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