Mailport January 2011 Issue

Mailport: January 2011

A ‘Mega’-pain in the Inbox

 What kind of shorepower will we need to run the "1,000 megawatt" Wi-Fi antenna you wrote about in the November 2010 issue? And what kind of RF shielding will my crew need? Really got a chuckle out of that! Thanks for another great issue.


Jim Mccutcheon
Wild Angel, San Juan 23
Eastern, N.C.

Practical Sailor was deservedly deluged by e-mails prompted by that editing mistake. We hope it will never happen again, but it is nice to know that if it does, it will be received in good humor by our astute and forgiving readers. For more details on building and installing Ed Mini’s homemade, 1,000 MILLIWATT Wi-Fi antenna, check out our blog. 


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