Mailport December 2011 Issue

Mailport: December 2011

CNG Refill

Regarding your PS Advisor (August 2011) on compressed natural gas (CNG) refills. While Corp. Bros are happy to refill and exchange, the $75 cost of hazardous freight shipping gets the “per bottle” price near $150. If you can drive to a Corp Bros. location, however, it IS the way to go.

Many of the CNG refilling stations in the published map refill the truck and auto CNG fleets. While the low cost of “gas” at these stations is appealing, there is a real danger. Marine CNG tanks need to be inspected every five years to insure they are safe (about $20 at an industrial tank inspection facility). And, the motor vehicle fill stations pressurize tanks to 3,000 to 4,000 psi. Boat tanks have a max pressure of 2,200 psi and have a pressure relief valve set at approximately 2,200 psi. Adaptor fittings from the pump nozzle to the CNG tank would have to be jury rigged, along perhaps with a regulator (about $150). Also fill station managers don’t want the liability of this DIY refill. A proper CNG vehicle is one thing; local yokels with a deathwish is another. The takeaway here is that readers should contact local gas companies. CNG is everywhere, so perhaps there is a re-seller nearby. Don’t refill without a professional’s help.

David Ahlers
Mojo, Morgan 383
Via email

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