Mailport January 2012 Issue

Mailport: January 2012

MOB Pole Storage

I purchased a Hinckley B40 last year that came equipped with a backstay-mounted Forespar man-overboard pole ( My B40 has a Navtec hydraulic backstay adjuster, and attached to this with two hose clamps was a large PVC tube that held the base of the pole. The tube diameter was much larger than the pole base, allowing the pole to slop around. Taped to the backstay itself was another PVC tube that the pole’s flag slipped into, and the groove on the float for the pole was not able to snap onto the backstay. All in all, it was a pretty ratty-looking setup.

I contacted Forespar seeking a better-looking base and flag holder. They sell a PVC flag holder that attaches to the backstay, but they do not make anything for the pole base because of the infinite variations inherent to boats. So I had a local machine shop fabricate a stainless-steel base that clamps to the backstay turnbuckle. The base unit has a hole drilled in the bottom to allow water to drain and is the proper diameter to hold the pole securely. I purchased the flag holder from Forespar and now have a setup that looks great and holds the MOB pole securely in place.

Ed Stroh
Ella Lee, Hinckley Bermuda 40
Tortola, BVI

Well done. Note that those with insulated backstay antennas will need to find a different approach to mounting an MOB pole.

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