Mailport February 2012 Issue

Mailport: February 2012

Sabre Solace Twin

What a surprise it was to see a Sabre 30 named Solace in the December 2011 Mailport! Our Sabre 30, also named Solace, is homeported in Maine, and we also have several Boatleather products aboard.

I have covered the wheel, added some leather to the top of the grabrail in front of the wheel, and I added leather covers on the ends of the lifeline turnbuckles in the cockpit.

Boatleather makes great products that are easy to install. The wheel cover required at least two nights of watching football to install with its padding, but the wheel is much warmer to hold in our colder Maine climate.

David N. Taft
Via e-mail

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Just to clarify the letter a bit.

TiN coatings are used to impart galvanic protection on non-titanium metals. Titanium itself is the least susceptible structual metal available. On boats the only material likely to cause galvanic corrosion to titanium is carbon fiber, and in that case the titanium will take significantly less damage than 316 stainless parts.

Greg Rubin
Allied Titanium

Posted by: Greg R | June 13, 2012 2:09 PM    Report this comment

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