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Mailport: March 2012

Nikwax Nowhere


I read with interest your December 2011 article on cordage treatments and decided to try Nikwax’s Rope Proof. I consulted the Nikwax website for distributors. I first went to Amazon and found a seemingly endless list of Nikwax products, but not Rope Proof. Next, I contacted the local retailers listed on the website and had a similar experience: no Rope Proof. No luck either with the West Marine store and local marinas. All of which brings me to my point: When reviewing products perhaps you could add an inquiry into nationwide availability.

Rick Nelson
Tres Bien, Jeanneau 37
Lake Michigan

Although, we were able to find Rope Proof online at and at, Nikwax recently reduced its distribution of Rope Proof due to limited sales. Another Nikwax product, Polar Proof, is the same formula as Rope Proof but comes in different packaging and is marketed for other outdoor activities, according to Nikwax. Nikwax Polar Proof is available through many outdoor retailers, including REI Co-op. The same results can be expected from the Polar Proof as those we got with the Rope Proof.

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