Mailport March 2012 Issue

Mailport: March 2012

Diy Steering Arm

bimini bits

Reader Jim Pelkey fashioned his own wheel steering arm out of leftover bimini bits and nuts and bolts.

I read the “Steering Arm Control” article (PS, August 2011) with great interest. I have been using my own, homemade steering arm control for some time. (See photo above.)

Its cost was minimal as I used leftover parts from a prior bimini installation. The fairlead is taped to the wheel and has never come loose as I only use the arm for light steering conditions. The tube is aluminum, and the nuts and bolt are stainless steel. The end fittings are standard poly.

Jim Pelkey
Whip IV, Catalina 36
Cedar River, Mich.

It seems like a handy DIY project. Our only concern would be that it could not be removed quickly in an unexpected emergency, as the Forespar Steering arm control can be.

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