Where Credit is Due April 2012 Issue

Where Credit is Due: April 2012


The five-year battery in my 406 MHz Cat II (manual deployment) EPIRB required replacement. The battery was replaced five years earlier by a local ACR “authorized” service center. However, along with an exorbitant price ($245) for the service, the unit was returned to me with the top cap installed backward, rendering the bracket sensor inoperative.

Not wanting a repeat performance, I contacted ACR (www.acrelectronics.com) about sending the unit directly to them for the battery replacement this time. Their initial response was to direct me to an authorized service center. When I informed them of my previous experience and that I was not comfortable having a local service center do the work, they immediately put me through to the head of technical service. I was told to ship the unit directly to his attention along with a copy of the prior battery replacement invoice. I was fully prepared to pay the current battery replacement cost; I just wanted it done right. However, to my surprise, ACR returned the EPIRB fully serviced, complete with a test report, at no charge!

ACR took the initiative to right a past wrong. This is a great commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


John Gedaminski
Liberty, J/32
Boston, Mass.

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