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Tether/PFD Designs

I have been following the safety tether discussion for quite some time. I am familiar with a type of quick-release buckle that might be applicable to harness-tether systems. I am a whitewater kayaking instructor on the South Fork American River. There is a category of whitewater PFDs known as a “Rescue” PFD that has a belt with a quick-release buckle rated for load. It is intended to allow swiftwater rescuers to be lowered into a turbulent river and release the buckle under tension, if needed, in an emergency to release from the lowering/rescue line. When the buckle is released, the belt slips free (bitter end). Normally, there is a stainless O-ring threaded through the belt/PFD that is the anchor point for the rescue line or locking carabiner; the O-ring usually is at the center of the rescuers back in this application. When the belt slips free, it releases the O-ring, which remains securely fastened to the rescue line but no longer to the person.

You can see an example of this at The belt will hold a very high load and is designed not to release accidentally. It has a red ball that is easy to locate blindly. Some technical info is available at

I think this could be integrated into an offshore PFD design.

Will Anderson

Quiet Thing,

1978 Ranger 22 #200

So. Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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Here is another ready resource for both the carbon granuels and cartridges. Use their search engine for activated carbon; carbon filters; carbon water filters. You might decide to buy a traditional water filter with an activated carbon element. look for the block type. The granuels in cellulose is not much carbon and will not last long. the elements with packed granuels or porous block type provide the greatest mass of carbon for the buck.

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