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Mailport: May 2012

Diy Vent Filter

As a committed DIY person, I am rather interested in your homemade holding tank vent filter (PS, March 2012) and know it would be easy to construct. What did you use for the carbon filter? Where might I get it?

Harvey McChesney III

Via email

Although there are specialty carbon products optimized for sulfide treatment, they are not available in less than 50-pound bags, so we chose something more practical: pelletized carbon (like Marineland’s Black Diamond premium activated carbon) from a pet store ( or aquarium supply store. Pelletized carbon is preferred for gas treatment, is widely available, and is relatively inexpensive at about $10 per 10 ounces (a single fill requires about 8 ounces). The internal carbon supports we used were cut from open-cell foam used for aquarium filtration ($2 for 30-gallon size), which you also can find at Petco and other pet stores.

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Here is another ready resource for both the carbon granuels and cartridges. Use their search engine for activated carbon; carbon filters; carbon water filters. You might decide to buy a traditional water filter with an activated carbon element. look for the block type. The granuels in cellulose is not much carbon and will not last long. the elements with packed granuels or porous block type provide the greatest mass of carbon for the buck.

Posted by: MARK H | May 8, 2012 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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