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Mailport: June 2012

Waterproofing Fabric

Regarding the February 2012 Chandlery brief on Gill’s aftercare products: The comparison of Atsko Silicone Water-Guard with Gill Reproofing Spray is akin to comparing the performance of a pickup truck with a dual-axle dump truck: They perform similar functions, but they are intended for two different jobs. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard is a very good product for waterproofing lightweight camping and backpacking equipment, but is not intended for use in marine environments as silicone does not provide protection against oil-based stains.

You should have tested Atsko Permanent Water-Guard with the Gill product. Permanent W-G is a water-based fluoropolymer (like the Gill product) that is safe for all washable fabrics, including natural down and synthetic insulated products. It comes in a spray bottle and a 10 oz. aerosol. Both products are compatible with waterproof-breathable or DWR finished products, including semi-permeable membrane laminates like Gore-Tex. The garment dries odor free, resists water, salt and oil borne stains, will not yellow and does not change the hand of the material. Water beading is guaranteed for 25 washes when applied per instructions and washed in Atsko Sport-Wash.


Scott Hopkins


New Lenox, Ill.

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This is one reason the boat yard we use (burr bros boats) offers stainless steel penants in addition to the generous sized regular penants during hurricane season. In Irene last year, BBB lost no boats (including ours), where other boats did break free from other moorings. After the hurricane we notices some varnish wore through under the chock on the side of the boat with the nylon penant (and made a minor cut in the penant), but no damage on the side with the stainless penant (as it is very stiff and stands out from the chock). Great service from the boat yard! Probably will pull the boat next time to reduce the stress level!

Very good tips and information on nylon lines!

Posted by: Phantomracer | May 23, 2012 1:53 PM    Report this comment

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