Mailport August 2012 Issue

Mailport: August 2012

Holding Tank Additives

With regard to your test of holding tank chemicals (PS, February 2012): We’ve been using a product for years called Young Enterprises Microbial Powder ( We use it regularly, and I know when I forget. When we replaced the blackwater lines a few years ago, we found only a fine black residue and clear liquid—and no smell. This stuff works.

I know you reported that none of the test products had live bacteria that could be cultured, but this one also claims to have bacteria in it. As a molecular biologist by education, I know that culturing specific bacteria isn’t always particularly easy—and just because something won’t culture, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Bill Streep

Via email

Young’s Microbial Powder is actually the same product as Clean Water Solutions, which was a PS Recommended product in our March 2006 bilge cleaners test. The company has changed names, but not formulas, and its products can be used in holding tanks to digest odors, or they can be used wherever oil is spilled (bilges, water, wood, concrete, etc.).


We’re testing another batch of holding tank additives, most of which were reader recommended. Look for that report in an upcoming issue.

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