Mailport August 2012 Issue

Mailport: August 2012

Acrylic Hatch Fix

This is in response to the reader’s question about repairing a broken companionway hatch in the July 2012 PS Advisor. If the hatch is made of acrylic, I believe that it may be possible to satisfactorily repair it.

Acrylic can be solvent welded, and when that is done by an expert, the joint can be virtually undetectable. I would seek an expert in acrylic fabrication, and if I couldn’t find one, I would attempt the repair myself. Not being an expert, I would likely have a less-than-perfect cosmetic result.

Frank Wilson

Via email

We’ll try to test this repair solution. We would be wary of a companionway that is “almost as strong” as the original. An upcoming PS report details the damage done when a Lexan drop-board snapped under pressure.

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