Mailport September 2012 Issue

Mailport: September 2012

Measuring Epoxy Success

In the excellent comparison of marine epoxies in the June 2012 issue, one crucial aspect was left out of the evaluation: measuring out the ratio of resin to hardener. Get that wrong, and the whole project could fall apart, literally.

I have been using West System for about five years with excellent results; the mini-pumps make measuring a no-brainer, and the West System support system also is terrific.

The Interlux Epiglass looks interesting, but no mention was made of how to measure the proper ratio. Is it easier than the West System pumps?


Dwain Lovett

Mystique, Spirit 28

Montserrat, West Indies

The Interlux Epiglass pumps, just like the West System pumps, are calibrated for super easy mixing. With both brands, one pump dispenses the exact amount needed to get the right mixing ratio of resin and hardener, so their ease of application is pretty much equal. When using any maker’s pumps, remember that they are not infallible. Pumps have a tendency to suck air as the container volume lowers or when the prime is lost between uses. A better way to ensure mixing ratio accuracy is to use measuring cups and to mix based on the designated weight ratios of hardener and resin.

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Jack, I am on City Island, also. I have gone crazy for years, especially with a constsnt layer of brine shrimp and slime. This year I took Practical Sailor's advise and changed to COPPER SHIELD SCX(TM) - Multi-Season Boosted Ablative - 45% Copper by Blue Water Paints. I barely have to clean at the water line, and the keel is clean from May till September. The only downside is that you have to order it on-line, even though it is manufactured in NJ. I can't recommend it any highly.
Jerry Schilp
Catalina 34

Posted by: jerry s | September 18, 2012 3:23 PM    Report this comment

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