Mailport October 2012 Issue

Mailport: October 2012

Modern-day Adventure

I was searching the Internet for sea voyages and solo navigators, and came across Matt Rutherford’s journey (PS, July 2012). This story is amazing, and so was his accomplishment. What got me so excited was that it is 2012, and yet, there was still an adventure to be had and a record to be broken.

In a time when we can travel in space and cross worlds in the blink of an eye, here is this amazing person who spent over 300 days on a 27-foot boat to do something no one had ever done before. He didn’t have mechanics or mathematicians calculating angles and risks; he had only the hopes the sun would smile upon his face, the wind would always be at his back, and the sea would be his friend.

By all rights, Matt Rutherford has earned his place in history and shares his great feat with the likes of Columbus, Magellan, and of course, Saint Brendan, the navigator. Thank you, Matt, for giving me, and all of us who were with you throughout your journey, the adventure, the thrill, and the realization that there are still records to be broken, adventures to be had, and discoveries to be made. May this always keep you smiling: You did real good.

Don Kimball

Alberg 30


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