Mailport December 2012 Issue

Mailport: December 2012

Shark-skin Protection

I call your attention to a material called Skarktek. Itís a plastic sheeting embossed with a certain texture (inspired by shark scales) that inhibits bacterial and other growth. Itís being investigated by the Navy for possible marine application. Heard of it?

Michael Hoffman

Puffin, Com-Pac 25

Concord, Mass.

We have heard rumors that some major marine-coatings manufacturers are looking into its application for fighting hull antifouling, but weíre not aware of any products that use the ďshark-skinĒ technology yet. (Bound by non-disclosure agreements, the paint makers would not offer any information on their research.) We believe the Navy-funded research you referenced is being carried out by Anthony Brennan and the Brennan Research Group at the University of Florida ( Interesting stuff, indeed.

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We will be testing PosiGrip for wood and fiberglass in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, you can reach PosiGrip's distributor at 800/590-3942. ~ Practical Sailor

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