Where Credit is Due May 2013 Issue

Where Credit Is Due: May 2013

Gill North America

Two years ago, I received a Gill Race jacket for my birthday. After two years, it had suffered decomposition of the inner liner, to the point that my girlfriend, who had purchased it, was sadly disappointed by its durability. I sent it in to Gill (www.gillna.com), and they asked whether I had used any harsh chemicals to clean the jacket. I had not, and its deterioration was a puzzle. It was determined that the batch run of my product had some issues in it, which were resolved in future runs.

Gill informed me that the jacket had a limited lifetime warranty, and that they would be providing me a replacement for free.

It is really nice to find a company that stands behind its products and warranties in today’s world. It definitely made me consider Gill products over any other, due to the satisfaction they have provided me.

Grant Vetters

Via email

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