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Mailport: June 2013

Anchor Shackle

What is the best shackle or connector to use to connect my anchor to my 5/16-inch chain? A 3/8-inch shackle screw won’t fit through the chain, and the West Marine galvanized, 3/16-inch screw-pin shackle has a smaller diameter body than my chain. The West Marine shackle has a 1,500-pound working load limit (WLL).

Chris Hoinsky
89 Catalina 34

For anchor shackles, we recommend a drop-forged, hot galvanized bow shackle that meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271F Type IV, either Grade A or Grade B (high strength). The Class 2 shackle with a screw pin is the most practical for anchoring. Hamilton Marine ( and Defender Marine ( are two sources for high-quality anchor shackles. Both sell American-made Crosby “red-pin” Grade B 5/16-inch anchor shackles with a 1,500-pound working load limit stamped clearly on the shackle. You can seize the screw pin using seizing wire. Some foreign-made shackles advertise that they are “designed to comply with” RR-C-271F; that is not the same as actually meeting the standard.

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Meant to write "really J.F" oops

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Really J.V.? Sailors value personal liberty and as far as I know it is still legal in this country to criticize government incompetence.
Michael Dion

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