Mailport July 2013 Issue

Mailport: July 2013

Garhauer Field Report

A few issues ago, you had a short article on deck hardware (blocks, traveler, cars, etc.) that included Garhauer, and you mentioned that the manufacturer offered individual parts and complete systems that allow conversion from “on deck to cockpit” adjustment of the car position. We recently installed the EZ adjustable genoa car system from Garhauer and are very pleased with the results. This equipment fits on existing traveler tracks, is easy to install, and performs as advertised.

Photos courtesy of Lenny Lipscomb

Reader Lenny Lipscomb recently installed the Garhauer EZ system (at right) on his Hunter 460 (above), and reports that the gear is top notch and easy to install.

Lenny Lipscomb,
Liberty, 2001 Hunter 460,
Via email

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I fully agree with PS's response here and use of more logical metric system. The relative numbers are far more important then the units, and psi would be wholly inappropriate. We may have a sense for a few hundred psi, but what is 50,000 psi? And since the US Imperial system does not scale easily, we would be force to use something convoluted like tons per square inch. In American engineering schools, material science is taught with megapascals because it is widely used and of appropriate scale.

Posted by: DAMON L | July 14, 2013 6:59 PM    Report this comment

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