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Mailport: July 2013

Auto-Draining the Bilge

I came across the Drainman Automatic Bilge Pump in the Jamestown Distributors catalog. It uses the motion of the boat (like tidal energy) to pump out the bilge, claiming 660 gallons per day. It sounds like a simple yet effective solution for boaters like me who are at a mooring and worry about battery drain when we’re away. Jamestown lists it for $45. Are you aware of this product, or other non-electrical products like it?  

Walt Grifel Impromptu,
Sabre 28
Key Biscayne, Fla.

We’ve got a Drainman bilge pump on hand and plan to report on it in a future issue. In the little bit of testing we’ve done on it so far, it did not impress testers. However, the testing was in a fairly protected anchorage that sees little wave action. It may be more effective in mooring fields that see a lot of tidal surge or more boat traffic. Another solution that won’t drain your batteries is a solar-powered bilge pump like the EasyBailer and the SeaJoule Marine, which we reviewed in the July 2011 issue. We’ve been using those for more than a year, and they seem much more effective than the Drainman-type designs.

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I fully agree with PS's response here and use of more logical metric system. The relative numbers are far more important then the units, and psi would be wholly inappropriate. We may have a sense for a few hundred psi, but what is 50,000 psi? And since the US Imperial system does not scale easily, we would be force to use something convoluted like tons per square inch. In American engineering schools, material science is taught with megapascals because it is widely used and of appropriate scale.

Posted by: DAMON L | July 14, 2013 6:59 PM    Report this comment

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