Mailport August 2013 Issue

Mailport: August 2013

HX300 VHF Clarification

As an owner of a Standard Horizon HX300, I read the July 2013 review of handheld VHFs carefully. First, the text stated this radio floats face up, but the Value Guide stated it floats face down. I was reluctant to toss it into the water and see for myself which was correct, so please check your test results. Secondly, upon contacting Standard Horizon to obtain a charger for the HX300, I was told that it was a discontinued model. The radio performs very well, and the accompanying userís manual was easy to read and quite complete.

Dr. Charles F. Barth,
Crazy Horse, C&C 37 TR
Lorain, Ohio

The Value Guide accompanying the July article on VHF handhelds gave incorrect information; it should have stated that the HX300 handheld floats face up. The online version of the table has been updated. According to Standard Horizon Vice President Jason Kennedy, the HX300 is indeed a current model (as of presstime), and parts and accessories are readily available from Standard Horizon.

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