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Mailport: September 2013


I’ve recently finished building a Chesapeake Light Craft Eastport Pram and powered it with a Torqeedo 1003 electric outboard. I did some evaluation of watts consumed versus speed. The pram weighs about 80 pounds and is 7 feet, 7 inches long. I found that adding a second person didn’t really affect the power consumed. For the pram, the watts/speed values are: 9.5 watts/1 knot, 19 watts/1.5 knots, 39 watts/2 knots, 52.5 watts/2.5 knots, 107.5 watts/3 knots, 67.5 watts/3.5 knots, 425 watts/4 knots, 850 watts/4.5 knots, 1,005 watts/4.7 knots.

It would be interesting to perform the same testing, with the same motor on different boat types. I suspect the Torqeedo ( is more practical for hard shell or RIB boats than inflatables, but it would be interesting to see some real-world tests with different types of boats. A dinghy and motor are not independent of each other. It is important to match the two and match that to the user’s needs.

George Jachode,
CLC Eastport Pram,
Via email

In our January 2011 comparison of electric outboards, we tested both the Torqeedo T-801 and the 1003 on several types of boat, including a 19-foot Cape Dory sloop; a Herreshoff Ronzinante; a round-bilged Wing Systems rigid, rowing/sailing dinghy; and even a kayak. Although we did not test the Torqeedo electric outboards on a RIB or inflatable, we’d expect you’re right about their being better suited to rigid boats. Check out that article, and we’ll see what we can set up as a followup test that includes RIBs, inflatables, and a hard-shell dinghy.

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