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Mailport: October 2013


From ValvTect: In regard to your August 2013 article on diesel additives: As always, I am impressed with the high level of technical expertise used in your projects. Also, I am pleased that ValvTect’s BioGuard ULS Microbiocide was given a PS Recommended rating. However, BioGuard ULS is a biocide intended to prevent or kill micro-organisms that grow in fuel. It will also prevent corrosion caused by micro-organisms, but BioGuard ULS does not contain a corrosion inhibitor and is not intended to prevent corrosion caused by water.

For that purpose, ValvTect offers other products such as Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine Diesel Additive and our new BioGuard Plus 6, which is designed to solve all diesel fuel-related problems, including corrosion and micro-organism growth. All ValvTect diesel products contain a corrosion inhibitor except BioGuard ULS and BioGuard WS (now obsolete) as they are single-function biocides.

Jerry Nessenson?

President, ValvTect

Thanks for your clarification. The August article was not an attempt to criticize any biocide we tested. The focus of the test was to determine what, if any, protection an additive would offer if diesel was infected and had become sour, and perhaps also saltwater contaminated, before it was purchased. This seems to be common place, and a biocide alone would not protect the system. We wondered whether some of the biocides would have corrosion-inhibiting activity, and the test aimed to answer that.

The BioGuard Plus 6 was not on the market when we began testing, but we plan to add it to the test field. Stay tuned for the test update to see how it compares to the other products.


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