Mailport November 2013 Issue

Mailport: November 2013

Keeping It Cool

In regard to your October 2013 article on smart controls for galley fridges: I bought a Chaney wireless digital thermometer ($30 on that has alarms and allows you to monitor inside fridge and freezer temperatures without opening the lid. It works well, and you can even rely on it to monitor icing, which affects compressor efficiency. It runs on lithium batteries.

When we have an electrical source—shore power, generator, motor—we turn on the fridge from the control panel. When sailing, we can turn fridge off if the temperature readings are correct. This is very helpful in the hot summer in the Med.

Denis Foster
Hibernia, 2007 Beneteau 43
Bay of Rosas, Catalonia, Spain

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Based on the Mailport recommendation of the Batteries Plus store service, I called the closest store (Orange, CT) about rebuilding the N-mH batteries for my Panasonic cordless drills of which I have many. With exact info on the batteries given over the phone, I was quote $36 per battery with a possible discount for quantity. Upon arriving I was then quoted $90, more than new replacements. When I protested the price, I was then quoted between $10 and $20 which seemed more than reasonable. When I proffered a single battery for rebuild, the new estimate came to $60. By that time I had lost confidence and left, though not before noting that they have a wide selection of batteries for sale all of which seemed over-priced.

Posted by: MICHAEL B | November 15, 2013 8:42 AM    Report this comment

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