Mailport November 2013 Issue

Mailport: November 2013

More on VHF Batteries

In reference to the Mailport letter VHF Batteries in the October 2013 issue: I too have a Uniden MHS350 handheld VHF. I have had the batteries rebuilt at the local Batteries Plus store ( They replace the cells with higher MAH batteries and will rebuild almost any rechargeable battery with higher capacities, at competitive prices. I have also had them rebuild my 19.2-volt Craftsman drill batteries as well.

Dave Stephan
Bonnie Claire, Chrysler 22
South Patrick Shores, Fla.

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Based on the Mailport recommendation of the Batteries Plus store service, I called the closest store (Orange, CT) about rebuilding the N-mH batteries for my Panasonic cordless drills of which I have many. With exact info on the batteries given over the phone, I was quote $36 per battery with a possible discount for quantity. Upon arriving I was then quoted $90, more than new replacements. When I protested the price, I was then quoted between $10 and $20 which seemed more than reasonable. When I proffered a single battery for rebuild, the new estimate came to $60. By that time I had lost confidence and left, though not before noting that they have a wide selection of batteries for sale all of which seemed over-priced.

Posted by: MICHAEL B | November 15, 2013 8:42 AM    Report this comment

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