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Mailport: November 2013


We have used the Streamlight Waypoint Alkaline spotlight for a while, and it is great, as the September 2013 article suggests. It can be used with a 12-volt power cord, in case batteries are not around. Can the new Rechargeable Waypoint (PSís Best Choice cordless LED spotlight) be used with a power cord, or is the cord just to recharge? If the latter is the case, I think the top pick should go to the Alkaline Waypoint due to power options.

Either way, it's splitting hairs, but what I donít like about rechargeable spotlights is that you never really know the state of the battery or when to recharge them, and then thereís the replacement cost when the battery canít hold a decent charge. With regular alkaline batteries, you can keep extras on board, they take moments to change, and itís cheaper to replace a few batteries than to buy a new rechargeable battery out of warranty. Also, with replaceable alkalines, you get instant full power again, cheaply and quickly.

Paul Seeberg

The new Waypoint Rechargeable does not have a 12-volt power cord, only a charger cord. Testers found it to be a better all-around spotlight, but we know many people prefer having the power cord and/or replaceable battery optionsóit comes down to preferenceóand thatís why we rated the alkaline Waypoint as a Recommended spotlight for those seeking a power cord/alkaline option. The Budget Buy West Marine 337 and the Coleman also use replaceable alkaline batteries.

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Based on the Mailport recommendation of the Batteries Plus store service, I called the closest store (Orange, CT) about rebuilding the N-mH batteries for my Panasonic cordless drills of which I have many. With exact info on the batteries given over the phone, I was quote $36 per battery with a possible discount for quantity. Upon arriving I was then quoted $90, more than new replacements. When I protested the price, I was then quoted between $10 and $20 which seemed more than reasonable. When I proffered a single battery for rebuild, the new estimate came to $60. By that time I had lost confidence and left, though not before noting that they have a wide selection of batteries for sale all of which seemed over-priced.

Posted by: MICHAEL B | November 15, 2013 8:42 AM    Report this comment

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