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Mailport: November 2013

Genny Leads

I do not think the genoa sheet lead control systems in the September 2013 issue will work on our Bristol 38.8. Our tracks arc to follow the cabin sides. Does any manufacturer have tracks that could be installed in an arc? Would this application require lead cars to match the arcs?

Bob Forward
Sea Skimmer, 1989 Bristol 38.8, #68
Ottawa, Ontario

You actually have several options. We suggest talking with a few deck hardware makers about their offerings; you’ll need to contact them with specifics (track length, curve radius, etc.).

Some manufacturers like Seldèn ( will work with you to develop a custom bent track, and depending on its arc radius and orientation, you may even be able to find a local machine shop that will bend a track for you based on a tracing of the existing track.

Italian sailing-hardware maker Antal offers custom pre-bent tracks of any type and also machines custom cars for most existing tracks, matching the radius of the already-installed track. If you decide to get lead cars for your existing tracks, keep in mind that a car running on a bent track will have a reduced working load; shorter cars will perform better than long ones. Adding composite-fiber inserts to the car will improve adjustment under load, but it will never match the performance of ball-bearing cars, according to Euro Marine Trading (401/849-0060,, Antal’s U.S. distributor.

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Based on the Mailport recommendation of the Batteries Plus store service, I called the closest store (Orange, CT) about rebuilding the N-mH batteries for my Panasonic cordless drills of which I have many. With exact info on the batteries given over the phone, I was quote $36 per battery with a possible discount for quantity. Upon arriving I was then quoted $90, more than new replacements. When I protested the price, I was then quoted between $10 and $20 which seemed more than reasonable. When I proffered a single battery for rebuild, the new estimate came to $60. By that time I had lost confidence and left, though not before noting that they have a wide selection of batteries for sale all of which seemed over-priced.

Posted by: MICHAEL B | November 15, 2013 8:42 AM    Report this comment

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