Mailport December 2013 Issue

Mailport: December 2013

Tape Feedback

Photo courtesy of Pete Govoni

Buyer beware: 3M's 256 masking tape does a great job of creating a defined edge in paint projects, but it is not designed for outdoor use and will separate upon removal.

Your tape test (PS, October 2013) did not include 3M 256, but I thought I’d pass on a “lesson learned” to your readers. Having recently completed painting my deck, for the first time in 37 years, I encountered an unforeseen problem.

Thinking that higher-priced tapes were better, I purchased 3M’s 256 ($22.50 per roll) from Defender Industries ( Unfortunately, the retailer repackaged the tapes in Ziplock bags from its wholesale purchase, and it did not include any specifications or instructions with the repackaged product. Using the 3M 256 resulted in a beautiful edge, but I left it on, in the sun, for two to four days. When it came to removal, the tape separated, leaving all the adhesive on the deck. After contacting 3M, I learned that 256 is not for outdoor use. Using industrial-strength 3M Adhesive Remover ($38 a can), it took four hours to remove the tape and adhesive. So, buyer beware: Read spec sheets before buying tape.


Pete Govoni
Heavenly, 1976 O’Day 27
Glastonbury, Conn.

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