Mailport December 2013 Issue

Mailport: December 2013

Valvtect fuel

I noted your article on diesel additives in the August 2013 issue. Many fuel docks in the my area have been offering only Valvtect diesel fuel, which claims to have all the additives needed for good diesel-engine operation and fuel storage. I’ve been using it exclusively for about two years.

Have you evaluated this fuel? Does Valvtect’s fuel contain the same anti-corrosion additive that you tested? Your article gave good marks to their additive, particularly for aluminum tanks, which my boat has.

Warren Elliott
My Bride II, Catalina 380
Long Island Sound

We tested (and Recommended) Valvtect’s BioGuard ULS, and according to Valvtect President Jerry Nessenson, the company’s marine diesel is formulated with BioGuard Plus 6, a “multifunctional” diesel biocide that includes a fuel stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, moisture dispersant, lubricity improver, as well as a biocide. We’ve not tested Valvtect marine fuel.

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