Mailport February 2014 Issue

Mailport: February 2014

Cleaners vs. Clear Vinyl

In response to your blog posts on caring for clear plastic on board (Dec. 10, 2013) and homemade mildew preventers (Oct. 14, 2013): Would the DIY mildew cleaner (TSP, baking soda, and sodium carbonate) solution harm the Strataglass, if some were to drip from the canvas onto the Strataglass window?

George Chamberlain
Indefatigable, 1976 Whitby 42
Port Charlotte, Fla.

The washing soda- and borax-based anti-mildew formulas were intended for cabin use. These do-it-yourself formulas are water-soluble, so although they might work to get a canvas dodger clean, they will likely rinse away from the top in the first rainstorm. Nevertheless, we have since tested these, as well as 3M and Goldshield anti-mildew formulas on Strataglass and Regalite. Applied in the normal manner and allowed to dry, all of these will cloud vinyl windows. However, if exposure is limited, and they are rinsed off before drying, no damage should occur. We have seen this same type of clouding damage caused by every highly alkaline cleaner; clear-vinyl windows should be cleaned and polished using only products specifically formulated for vinyl windows. At this time, our recommendation is to use Imar products.

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Can the author of the above article on the H2out filter provide me with a little more detail. It looks like he has a poppet check valve, exactly what one? Plus I noticed on the article in the January edition that their is a valve or another connection on the same line as the filter. I have tried to find more information on check valves but there are so many and this me in the letter above is a three way valve. Love to have the detail!
Neville Weir

Posted by: Neville W | April 9, 2015 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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