Mailport February 2014 Issue

Mailport: February 2014

Bleach on Strataglass

A recent issue had a short article on the effect of various cleaning agents on Strataglass (PS, December 2013). My copy of that issue is in New Hampshire, I am on my boat in Georgia, and I canít find the article online. I am specifically wondering about using a diluted bleach solution to clean the canvas. Can you help?

Meg Torbert
Seahoy, Passport 47
Durham, N.H.

According to our very brief tests on Strataglass, bleach had no immediate effect on the clear vinyl, but it is known to cause fogging over time, with repeated use. See this monthís report on canvas treatments for more on products that can damage Strataglass.

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Can the author of the above article on the H2out filter provide me with a little more detail. It looks like he has a poppet check valve, exactly what one? Plus I noticed on the article in the January edition that their is a valve or another connection on the same line as the filter. I have tried to find more information on check valves but there are so many and this me in the letter above is a three way valve. Love to have the detail!
Neville Weir

Posted by: Neville W | April 9, 2015 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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