Mailport February 2014 Issue

Mailport: February 2014

Frothy Coffee

In regard to your January 2014 article on coffee-making methods: I would like to recommend two products to sailors who appreciate a good espresso, latte, or mocha on board. First, the MiPressi Twist, (, which is a compact and portable espresso brewer that needs only a little boiling water and NO2 cartridges (whipped-cream chargers). It makes very good espresso without the weight and high electrical demands of a traditional espresso machine. Second, we recommend the BonJour Caffe Froth Maximus Milk Frother, which is available from and many other online sources. It looks like a tall French press and does an excellent job of frothing milk without using a steamer wand. (Tip: For best results, go slowly.)

Rusty Gesner
On a Whim, Macgregor 26S
Portland, Ore.

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Comments (1)

Can the author of the above article on the H2out filter provide me with a little more detail. It looks like he has a poppet check valve, exactly what one? Plus I noticed on the article in the January edition that their is a valve or another connection on the same line as the filter. I have tried to find more information on check valves but there are so many and this me in the letter above is a three way valve. Love to have the detail!
Neville Weir

Posted by: Neville W | April 9, 2015 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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