Mailport February 2014 Issue

Mailport: February 2014

Coffee Tips

In response to your coffee article (PS, January 2014): I found that a collapsible silicone funnel, used with a Chemex coffee filter, works well for making coffee on board. (Both are easily available from online retailers and some big-box stores.)

I put a thermos in the galley sink, then put the funnel in the thermos opening. Itís fairly stable and easy to clean up. You do have to stand there to pour water from the kettle over the grounds though. The funnel is flexible, cheap, and takes up almost no room. I tried the Chemex coffeemaker first, but the glass carafe broke the first time out, despite the fair weather cruise. Nothing glass on my boat ever again.

Barry Needalman
Island Time, 1998 Hunter 410
Boston, Mass.

Comments (1)

Can the author of the above article on the H2out filter provide me with a little more detail. It looks like he has a poppet check valve, exactly what one? Plus I noticed on the article in the January edition that their is a valve or another connection on the same line as the filter. I have tried to find more information on check valves but there are so many and this me in the letter above is a three way valve. Love to have the detail!
Neville Weir

Posted by: Neville W | April 9, 2015 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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