Where Credit is Due April 2014 Issue

Where Credit Is Due: April 2014


Just prior to leaving La Paz, Mexico, for the South Pacific, we decided to buy a whisker pole for the downwind sailing that we had planned to enjoy on the long crossing. We ordered a Forespar whisker pole from West Marine, and it was delivered the day before we departed.

Alas, the pole that we received was a used/returned pole in a new shipping tube, and worst of all, the trigger head was missing. No amount of 21st-century shipping would get that pole head to us.

After our landfall, we contacted West Marine (www.westmarine.com) and Forespar (www.forespar.com) and eventually determined that West Marine had inadvertently shipped a used pole. They made good by shipping a new pole to us, all the way to Tahiti, at no charge. Well done, West Marine!

Now we had two whisker poles, but one was without a trigger head. Enter Forespar. The company sent us a new trigger head at no charge, and we paid for shipping it to Tahiti. What a deal! We’ll install the new trigger head and will be able to sell the pole, recouping some of our cruising kitty.

Yes, it was a preventable issue, but we feel that the two companies showed remarkable willingness to remedy the issue and to take responsibility for the error. West Marine and Forespar made full restitution and genuine apologies. We will buy from them again without hesitation.

William Ennis
1984 Passport 40
Raiatea, French Polynesia and Anchorage, Alaska

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