Mailport July 2014 Issue

Mailport: July 2014

ACC Cruising Guide

We look forward to the new, updated mid-Atlantc/ICW guide book, and will gladly review it once it’s published.

In regard to your May 2014 article on cruising guides: I am the publisher of “Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to Marinas.” I was surprised that ACC’s Guide to Mid-Atlantic/ICW Marinas was not among the guides reviewed in the article. If I missed a submission request directed to us, I apologize. If there was some other reason that our guide was not included, I’d appreciate hearing that valuable feedback.

As an update, ACC’s “Guides to Marinas” now cover every marina that accepts overnight transient boats (over 1,600 marinas) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Pensacola, Fla., on the East Coast and from Desolation Sound, B.C., to the OR-CA border, including all of Puget Sound. We publish for the cruising boater. Like Practical Sailor, ACC is completely independent and “boater-biased”—ACC does not accept advertising from or charge fees to any marinas selected for inclusion in the guides. 

ACC publishes in print (7 geographical volumes), web (, and PC formats. ACC’s Guides rate marinas with regard to their dock, mooring, and other boat and boater-related facilities, haul-out and repair capabilities, and ability to handle vessels over 70 feet.

Our master marina database has 300 information fields for every marina as well as 25 photo image fields, and we believe ACC’s full-page Marina Reports offer the most complete set of marina and what’s nearby info available. Our writer/reviewers personally visit every marina included in ACC’s guides. Their editorial comments provide insight not only to what’s there but also what’s going on in the area.

What are ACC’s weaknesses?  ACC is a small company, and we have historically updated our marina data every few years on a rolling geographical basis. ACC’s “Guide to Mid-Atlantic/ICW Marinas” was published in 2010 but is scheduled for an update soon, ACC’s “Guide to New England and Canadian Marinas” was updated in 2011, and ACC’s “Guide to Florida’s West Coast Marinas” was published in 2012.

In conclusion, I agree that most cruising boaters do as your article suggested—consult several guides depending on their interests and float plan. I believe that ACC’s “Guide to Mid-Atlantic/ICW Marinas” is one of the most thorough and detailed marina guides for the ICW available and that your readers may well wish to add it to their cruising library.

Richard Smith, Publisher
Jerawyn Publishing /
Atlantic Cruising Club

We look forward to the new, updated mid-Atlantc/ICW guide book, and will gladly review it once it’s published.

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