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Mailport: July 2011

High Seas Hitch-Hiking

A couple years ago, a girlfriend and I went bicycling around Europe ( While travelling, we met a girl whose family had taken her out of school at age 12 to sail around the world for a year. She said it was the best thing that she had ever done. My boyfriend and I got to thinking: We too want to sail around the world one day!

We heard that boat makers often have to sail a sold boat to a buyer and that it’s possible to sign up as part of the delivery crew. We figured that would be a really good way to learn how to sail and travel. Do you by chance know anything about this?

Rachel Fields
Via email

Before you sign on for an ocean passage, it would be a good idea to get some basic sailing know-how. We suggest first checking into crewing with sailors in your area who may need crew or checking out sailing schools and community sailing programs. Beyond that, there are numerous crew-finder websites out there where you can sign up as volunteer crew. Two worth checking out are: and

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Hey. This letter is two jammed together with some text missing.

Regarding the epoxy testing, please also consider testing products from Progressive Epoxies ( The proprietor, Paul Orman, has a rather cacophonic website, but he seems to have a very good product line at practical prices. I'm doing a huge hull blister re-lamination using their "Premium No Blush" cycloaliphatic epoxy, and I'd love to know how that stacks up to West. I've never had trouble with West, but I want the best epoxy on my bottom & blush is just more work. Are non-blushing epoxies really a free lunch? I considered Raka, East, System 3, and MAS before settling. Initial results are good, but I cannot test like PS can! Thansk!

Posted by: PAUL S | September 1, 2011 1:12 PM    Report this comment

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