Where Credit is Due August 2011 Issue

Where Credit is Due: August 2011

Moorhouse Sailmakers

I have a three-year-old genoa that Moorhouse Sailmakers (www.mhsails.com) made for me. It has the Reef-Rite KIWI slides on the luff. The Moorhouse team expertly installed these unorthodox slides on my new sail, and the boat has pulled like a locomotive ever since.

After a “spirited sail” pre-season this year, I noticed the stitching on the head and tack webbing needed service. (The webbing is always exposed to UV since it isn’t protected by the furling sail’s UV cover.)

I called Moorhouse, and even though it was the busiest time of year for sailmakers, owner Skip Moorhouse told me to bring the sail in right away (on a Saturday morning). They expertly repaired the stitching and also found the leach stitching needed to be re-stitched as well. (This sail has had TONS of use. We sail every weekend in all sorts of weather.) Skip performed all the sewing while I waited, and the price was more than fair.

When I need new sails, I won’t be sending my own measurements offshore. I’ll again be calling Moorhouse!

Gene Smith
Cherry Hill, N.J.

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