PS Advisor August 2011 Issue

Hunting Elusive CNG Refill

Bar Keepers on Stainless

Is Bar Keepers Friend good for cleaning stainless? I know it contains oxalic acid and bicarb.

Paul J. Juettner
Due Professori, Catalina 350 M II
Stamford, Conn.

We’ve not yet tested Bar Keepers Friend ( on stainless steel, but we’ve heard good things about it from readers who’ve used it in that application. It’s bleach-free, but it does contain a small amount of oxalic acid (about 5-10 percent). Its pH level is in the same slightly acidic range as lemon juice and vinegar. If you use it on stainless, be sure to rinse the surfaces well with fresh water, otherwise the oxalic acid will leave a haze on the metal. Also, be sure to keep it away from fabrics, like a bimini, as it will bleach it out. If you’re concerned about using oxalic acid, then try Miracle Cloth (, PS’s Best Choice in our last stainless polish test (February 2009).

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Locatged east of Columbus near Coshocton, Ohio. He has a well and equipment to fill your tanks. Turns out that it is a process to fill the tank as the compressed gas is hot and temperatuer must be maintianed. We dropped our tanks off and then went back to get them later.

Posted by: HVACSO | September 21, 2011 12:07 PM    Report this comment

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