Mailport September 2011 Issue

Mailport: September 2011

Shoes for Crews

In field tests, the original Crocs (above) provided excellent grip for certain tasks, but they turned us into klutzes when we were rushing around deck during a race.

Since boat shoes have come up recently (PS Mailport, August 2011), I thought I’d add my 2 cents. The best “sailing” shoes I’ve ever had are for people who work in restaurant kitchens, where the floors are usually tile and often are slippery with grease and water. A friend sent me a pair of sneaks from Shoes for Crews (, which supplies shoes to many big restaurants. With these shoes, I feel like Spiderman. The company offers over 50 styles—from Mary Janes to combat boots. The prices are low compared to “boat shoes,” and they have a 60-day “wear and compare” policy.

The newer ‘Marion Batali’ Croc (above) comes reader-recommended, so we’ll be sure to test it out in our next look at boat shoes.

I also recently purchased a pair of Crocs “Mario Batali” chef’s shoes with a similar sole, and the grip is phenomenal. I think PS needs to test these.

Ken Jacks
Edgewater, Md.

We had not heard of the Shoes for Crews line, but like you, we have found the grip on Crocs to be excellent for some boat applications. The downside to the original Crocs design, which we’ve only tested in the field, however, is that they are large and more cumbersome than athletic-style shoes. The large, rounded toebox had a tendency to cause us to stumble on deck. We’re curious to see how the Shoes for Crews line and newer Crocs fare compared to the “boat” shoes we’ve tested before, so we’ll get our hands on some and let you know what we find out.

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