Mailport September 2011 Issue

Mailport: September 2011

Washing Dock Lines

Your article on rope-cleaning (July 2011) was spot on and welcome as I just started cleaning the lines on my boat—except for one thing: the use of pillowcases to contain the lines in a washing machine. No, no, no! The green stuff can’t get out! I use mesh laundry bags (sock bags are great for shorter lines) secured by the giant “safety pin” made for laundry bags.

Stan Stumbo
Chariot, Gulf 32 pilothouse sloop
Bainbridge Island, Wash.

We found that if the line is thick with growth from hanging in the water, the pillowcase does hold in the dirt, but this was not a problem if the line was only soiled with deck grime. A mesh laundry bag would be an improvement, but we would still try to pre-soak and physically clean an algae-encrusted line before putting it in our washer. Its a lot easier to wash a rope twice than to deal with a broken washer. Safety pin closures should work, too. We liked the cable ties as they were 100-percent effective, cheap, and made for minimal banging.

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