Mailport September 2011 Issue

Mailport: September 2011

Good ‘Getters’

In the July 2011 Mailport, a reader suggested using a laparoscope to clean boat drains. Excellent idea, but if you don’t have a surgeon friend, you can get alligator forceps from eBay ( to do the job. One seller offers a 14-inch and a 6-inch alligator forceps for $19.99, with free shipping. You will be surprised at how handy these things are.

Dwain Lovett
Montserrat, BWI

Photo by Ralph Naranjo and courtesy of Patrick Shannon

Reader Patrick Shannon uses this “getter” to get into hard-to-reach places on board his Catalina 30.

I noticed the suggestion of using a laparoscope for accessing hard-to-reach places (Mailport July 2011). An alternative to this is the “getter” that I use, which I got at Home Depot. I have found it indispensable both at home and on boats for reaching into difficult places and recovering bolts, screws, etc. from places too difficult to reach any other way.

It consists of a 3/16-inch diameter, 20-inch long steel “snake” with a spring-loaded handle at one end and a small flexible, retractable steel core ending in four hooks at the business end. The spring-loaded core keeps the claw normally retracted. Pressing the button on the handle extends the hooks into an open position. It goes almost anywhere and grabs just about anything.

Patrick Shannon, Ph.D.
Free Spirit, Catalina 30
Pensacola, Fla.

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