The bright light of North American Survival Systems’ electronic LED flare (on right) clearly outshines the older Fulton 106 man overboard light. Just as they have revolutionized flashlights, LEDs have led to noticeably improved MOB lights.

Which MOB Lights Shine Bright?

New lights feature bright, long-lasting LEDs, automatic activation.

When a man-overboard (MOB) incident occurs at night, the odds of recovery become slimmer. The fate of the person in the water hinges on how fellow crewmembers respond and what the victim has intentionally or inadvertently taken with them into the water. A well-prepared offshore sailor will carry essential personal safety gear on him at all times while standing watch during a passage. At the top of the must-have list are a combination harness/inflatable personal flotation device (PFD) and a tether that can be clipped to a jackline to prevent you from being launched over the lifeline. (For an in-depth look at gear and techniques associated with an MOB incident, our downloadable e-book, “Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery,” is available through our online bookstore at www.practical-sailor.com/books.)

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