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  • A DIY Water Filter
    For those of you unfamiliar with Baja fuel filters, they are multi-layer strainers, purchased or handmade, used to...
  • Making Engine Oil Changes Easier
     Subscribers OnlySome boat manufacturers have no concern for simplifying things, like changing the auxiliary engine’s oil, once...
  • Out, Out Brief Wiring Terminals!
     Subscribers OnlyEurostrips, Euroblocks, set-screw terminations—whatever you want to call them—they are here to stay. Many...
  • Painting Water Tanks
     Subscribers OnlyWhen it comes to onboard water tanks, we prefer stainless, fiberglass, and even roto-molded tanks (in that order) to...
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
    Editor’s note: Designing, installing, and wiring a new main circuit panel on a full-fledged cruising boat is an...
  • Heavy-duty Rubbing Compounds
     Subscribers OnlyGelcoat provides a fiberglass boat with a hard, water-resistant protective shell. When new, it’s polished and...
  • Tired Daysailer Hull Serves as Test Platform
     Subscribers OnlyPractical Sailor tested the compounds on the badly oxidized hull of a neglected 1974 O’Day Javelin daysailer...
  • DIY Rigging Hacks
     Subscribers OnlyOver the years we’ve owned Josepheline, our 38-foot Lightwave catamaran, we’ve figured out a few simple...
  • Favorite Bottom Paints by Region
     Subscribers OnlyLately, readers have been asking us about which antifouling paints serve well for specific bodies of water (or type...
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Reader Questionnaire

Which of the following best describes your approach to bottom paint?
I choose my own paint, but I let a professional apply (521 votes)


I let a professional apply the paint that he (or boatyard) recommends. (329 votes)


I choose my own paint and I apply it. (1639 votes)


I apply paint that a local professional or boatyard recommends. (254 votes)